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The inner environment has long been recognized as one of the factors significantly influencing the human health. Therefore, in Tower5 we also use a patented technology that highly protects against viruses and bacteria.
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TOWER5 represents a dominant architectural element of the whole city district. While the city visitors have obtained a natural guiding point, the tenants have gained a captivating view.
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There is the difference between just looking great or being great for everyday life. You may discover the positive atmosphere of the Tower5 just by walking through its green rest areas.
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An amazing building location offers rich civic amenities and a wide range of sports and leisure time activities in the area.
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The location enables an excellent connection to the D1highway bypass and main city traffic routes. The Bratislava airport, or the main bus and train station are within a few minutes. There are plenty of parking places in the underground garage.

City public transport

The building location guarantees an excellent transport accessibility by frequent city and intercity transport connections. There are several bus stops nearby thanks to which you can get easily wherever needed.

Other forms of transport

We support alternative forms of transport as well, for example by bike or scooter, therefore, we have thought of lockable stands and changing rooms with showers.

Transport hubs in the area


Check out the real distance of the important transport hubs from the Tower5 building.

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